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Lil MacGuffins Art Series Is Winsome and Charming

The Noc List - Mission: Impossible

Artist and illustrator Truck Torrence, who goes by the moniker 100% Soft, has a show on at Bottleneck Gallery, and it is cute and fun. The show is called Lil' MacGuffins and focuses on movie MacGuffins — you know, those objects that everyone in the movie is trying to get their hands on, which drives the plot. Alfred Hitchcock is credited with coining the term, although it may have actually come from screenwriter Angus MacPhail. Whoever did the naming, Torrence has chosen ten of his favorites and illustrated them in his own, inimitable style, which is cartoony and adorable. I love that he did the black and white movies in greyscale.

You can head over to Bottleneck Gallery’s website to buy prints of any of these. Unfortunately, if you buy a print of The Noc List, it won’t be animated. You can’t print gifs.

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