Love Dogs and Wanton Gun Violence? ‘John Wick’ Is For You

There are movies you should see and movies you need to see. By now, it’s my hope that our little corner of the Internet has guided you toward the latter. It’s hard out there with movie ticket prices rising and economic recovery in progress. Seeing every movie in a theater just isn’t plausible for everyone. Sometimes guidance is needed. So here’s some guidance for you: if you like action movies — I’m talking a real knock-down, drag-out shoot ‘em up with a high body count and plenty of style. If you’ve ever yearned for a movie where Keanu Reeves shoots a lot of people very directly in the face. Even if you haven’t yearned for that last part: John Wick is a movie you need to see. The experience of seeing John Wick at this year’s Fantastic Fest in Austin was reminiscent of seeing Gareth EvansThe Raid the first

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