Sheridan Smith is Cilla: anyone who has a heart must agree | Peter Bradshaw

Smith is wowing the world - make that woman a national treasure immediately. And was it our Blind Date that planted the seed?

We live in a divided world, torn apart by ideology. But right now, it seems, there is one thing absolutely everyone agrees on. Vladimir Putin very much agrees with the Ukrainian prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, about it. In Glasgows George Square battle-scarred veterans of the yes and no campaigns are hugging each other at the thought of it. And Hamas and the Israeli Defence Force have pretty much issued a joint communique about it: Sheridan Smith is absolutely bloody marvellous as Cilla Black!

I only realised what a phenomenon this supremely lovable and talented performer had become when I read the following words in Peter Hitchens column in the Mail On Sunday: Sheridan Smith is astonishingly good as the young Cilla Black in ITVs Cilla. If youve

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