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A Preview for Tory Jones' The Wicked One Lays in Wait Here

The Wicked One is a film from production companies Jonestown Films and Silver Chain Films. The Wicked One is set in a psychiatric institution. And, the story involves a killer, which lurks on the hospital's grounds. This film stars Ari Lehman (Friday the 13th), Katie Stewart (Halloween Homecoming), Dale Miller (“Revolution”), Jack Norman, Jansen Hammock, Kayla Perkins, Roman Jossart, and Stacey T. Gillespie. A film poster for The Wicked One is hosted here. The first movie poster, in blood reds, shows the Wicked One. This villain holds a long knife, while other characters are shown in the background. The film's protagonist, a young woman, is shown in the bottom of the frame. Meanwhile, the tagline is "evil exists." That evil will be released in 2015. Fans of horror can find out all of the available details on the film are below. A closer look of the villain.Release Date: 2015. Director/writer: Tory Jones.

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