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'The Equalizer' (2014) Movie Review

The fact The Equalizer is an adaptation of a 1980s television series is meaningless to me. My only familiarity with the show is watching Rob Reiner in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, piss and moan after a phone call causes him to miss a portion of an episode. That said, it seems a working knowledge of the show would be of little use, that is unless there was more to the series than themes ridiculously ripped from classic literature and a trail of dead bodies left in the wake of a one man wrecking crew as he doles out his own brand of justice in a film that's not exactly good, not exactly bad, a little too long and violently fun. How's that for a mixed bag of descriptorsc What's best about The Equalizer is the fact Denzel Washington still makes movies like this. Denzel is a

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