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DVD Review: Siege Of The Dead

Siege Of The Dead

Stars: Sebastian Achilles, Ingrid Beerbaum, Carsten Behrendt | Written by Benjamin Hessler | Directed by Marvin Kren

Trapped in an apartment block, whiny Michi and apprentice plumber Harper try to survive the onslaught of rabid undead that have overrun Berlin. So far, so B-movie. Insert a sub-plot about Michi’s search for his unfaithful girlfriend and the twist that adrenaline activates the virus – a condition suspiciously similar to the Rage virus from the 28 Days… franchise – and hey presto! We have something approaching a story. But not quite.

Siege of the Dead (originally Rammbock in Germany) isn’t particularly bad, but any promise it shows is never lived up to. At a paltry 62 minutes, the story is spread too thin and never given time to gain momentum, and isn’t helped by the inherent unlikeability of Michi and his constant hangdog expression.

The low budget is utilised effectively, with

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