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Best Worst Movie DVD Review

If you’ve ever wondered why Troll 2 is a cult classic, here’s a quick explanation: It’s a movie entitled Troll 2, but features no actual trolls (they’re goblins). And that’s only one small reason why the 1990 horror/fantasy/awful film has become a revered in bad movie circles, and has perennially topped lists of the worst films of all time. For child star Michael Stephenson it was a learning experience, as when he finally saw the film (it went direct to video and cable stateside), he was crushed by its terribleness. But the legend/legacy of the film is still strong, and the film has attracted a rabid cult for its amusing incompetence. And so Stephenson decided to make a documentary not just about the film’s fanbase, but also rounds up all the stars he can to discuss their experience making the “Best Worst Movie” ever made.

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