Hero Of Shaolin dubsteps out on DVD

I know what you're thinking. Not the old 'fearless kung fu monks battle ninjas to deliver a sacred transcript' storyline again! A heady dose of monks vs. ninjas, what's not to love? The 80s kung fu classic returns to UK audiences next month in its old school English dubbed incarnation. So get the beers on standby and revel in the delights of 80s video cool. Directed by Cheung Kei and Dai Che, and starring Alexander Lo Rei (Wu Tang vs. Ninja, Shaolin vs. Ninja, Shaolin vs. Lama, Shaolin Dolemite, Mafia vs. Ninja, Ninja in the USA) and Eagle Han Yin (The 36th Chamber: The Final Encounter, Revenge of the Drunken Master), Hero of Shaolin (a.k.a. Ninja vs. Shaolin Guard) comes to DVD in the UK on November 10, 2014 courtesy of Terracotta Distribution. Synopsis: A troop of monks from the Shaolin Temple embark on a mission to get the Golden

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