Toronto After Dark 2014 – Full List Of Films

For at least the past few years, we have covered the Toronto After Dark Film Festival annually. Jeff Konopka attends the festival every year, and he usually brings some really good coverage back with him. I am always jealous when he’s there, because I’m listening to the footage that he has recorded, hanging out in a crowded bar talking with filmmakers, as well as other journalists attending the event. It sounds like a lot of fund, and I’d love to make the trip one year. Some of my favorite recent films were shown at Toronto After Dark. Cheap Thrills, Motivational Growth, The Machine, We Are What We Are, Resolution, The Battery, one of my all-time favorite films, Some Guy Who Kills People, and much, much more. Recently, the first 10 films for the 2014 festival were announced, and among them were some highly anticipated films. I will list them all below,

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