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Exclusive Interview with Director Seth Grossman for ‘Inner Demons’

Reality television shows can take a wrong turn into horror especially when a demonic possession is involved.

From former reality TV producer Seth Grossman, “Inner Demons” follows an intervention-style reality show crew trying to film a sixteen-year-old girl fighting a drug addiction. However, she was suffering from something even more destructive—a demonic possession. The movie is an inquiry into the truth about her—with symptoms between the disturbing and scary intersection of insanity, addiction and true possession.

The film stars Lara Vosburgh and Morgan McClellan.

Latino-Review was granted an exclusive interview with Grossman to discuss the production of this horror film. We talked about the young actress, the worlds of addiction and demonic possession and even relating the behaviors of hyenas to demons.

Inner Demons” is playing in select theaters and available on VOD today.

Read the full interview below.

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