Indie Spotlight: Watch an Exclusive Clip from The Hunted

Horror fans know Josh Stewart from The Collector and The Collection, in which he played a man hunted by a serial killer. Now Stewart plays a character stalked by a different threat in The Hunted, a film he stars in, wrote, and directed. The film follows two buddies making a hunting show pilot in the woods, only to become targets themselves, and we have an exclusive clip that might make your skin prickle.

The Hunted is now available on DVD and VOD platforms. We have the film’s official details and bonus features below, as well as the exclusive clip and the movie’s trailer:

Press Release - “The Hunted follows family-man, hunter, Jake, played by Josh Stewart, alongside his best friend Stevie (Ronnie Gene Blevins) as they journey deep into the Appalachians of West Virginia on the hunt for a legendary buck. Chasing their dream of landing a television hunting show,

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