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Wide World of Horror: ‘The Dark’ – nonsense in the service of more nonsense

The Dark

Screenplay by Stephen Massicotte

Directed by John Fawcett

Germany/Isle of Man/United Kingdom, 2005

Much of The Dark fails to make any sense. This carries out through the resolution of the film, where the ultimate solution to the plot not making any sense is for the ending to not make sense. Horror can be ambiguous, there’s nothing wrong with a horror movie that plays in the realm of the nonsensical. However, there’s ambiguity with a purpose, and there’s a lack of being able to make your plot make sense. The Dark isn’t ambiguous, it merely doesn’t make any sense and Stephen Massicotte has no idea how to deliver a screenplay that makes sense.

Sean Bean and Maria Bello do the most with what they are given. There are sections of the film that are serviceable because of the work turned in from those two professional actors.

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