NYC Happenings: Two Must-See Films At Japan Society

If you're even just a little familiar with the music of John Zorn, the films he's curated for his monthly series, The Dark Side Of The Sun, at Japan Society, shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. Alternately bold and subtle, and somehow relentlessly experimental while remaining within the context of the traditional, even the sentimental, these are movies that combine high art and hard fun in unforgettable ways. At least that's the case with Inflatable Sex Doll Of The Wastelands (1967), which screens this Saturday, and Crossroads (1928), playing November 15. Regarding the latter, you should know that Kinugasa Teinosuke's silent will be accompanied by a live shamisen-and-percussion performance... but, trust me, even when viewed completely soundlessly the film's imagery carries its own...

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