Scream Factory Announces Robot Jox Blu-ray

In a future that’s been devastated by a nuclear war, major conflicts are settled between two opponents, one fighting for the Market and the other for the Confederation. The twist: each warrior fights from the cockpit of a massive robot, similar in part to Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Robot Jox, the sci-fi flick from Re-Animator director Stuart Gordon, will make its Blu-ray debut next summer via Scream Factory.

From Scream Factory: “Our month-long “Shocktober” celebration continues with another film to reveal. We veer more into sci-fi territory this time: 1989’s Robot Jox (helmed by legendary From Beyond and Dolls Director Stuart Gordon) will make its debut on the Blu-ray format in Summer 2015! No other details to report at this time.

We still have a few more surprise reveals between now and Halloween so keep checking back here on the page to be the first to see them.

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