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'Fall' Trailer: Roman Catholic Priest's Life Shattered By Letter (Video)

In "Fall," Father Sam Ryan (Michael Murphy), an aging Roman Catholic Priest living contentedly at a Niagara Falls parish, receives a letter forcing his complacent life into a downward spiral.

The letter, from "Christopher," confronts him about an incident that happened 40 years ago. Father Sam was a young, charismatic priest, serving a remote Northern Ontario parish. Christopher was a 14-year-old adolescent whom Sam mentored. The letter asks Father Sam for the truth: what did take place all those years ago? Were lines blurred or crossed? What choices were made?

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Forgiveness, redemption and sin are the dominant themes of Terrance Odette's ("Heater," "Saint Monica") latest feature. All the characters encountered by Father Sam -- through his parish duties and from his suppressed past -- force him into deeper reflection: Chelsea, a restless bride-to-be; Michael, a repentant addict; Reza, a gay Iranian grieving his recently deceased mother; Sheila,

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