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What Lies Behind The Door (Not Much)? A Movie Review

Director/writer: Patrick McBrearty. Cast: Winny Clarke, Liv Collins and Alys Crocker. The Door is an indie horror feature shot in Vancouver, British Columbia. The film, from director Patrick McBrearty (Psycho Ward), brings a supernatural element to the screen as several friends struggle to stay alive. The Door is a very slowly paced film, due to the film's lack of conflict. A phantom stalks an old meat processing plant, but it never directly interacts with the characters; it is more satisfied stalking this group, rather than terrorizing them. As well, some of the actors look too stiff. And, The Door is a an underwhelming film outing. The story begins with Owen (Sam Kantor). He is recently unemployed and searching for work. The solution to his problems comes from a man on the street. This man offers Owen $500 a night to, simply, watch a door. Owen takes him up on the

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