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Halloween happenings 2014 by Jennie Kermode - 2014-10-26 15:33:40

We look at the scary films you can get your teeth into this Halloween Week.

Aberdeen 31st The Exorcist, the Vue.

Belfast 30th Little Shop Of Horrors, Odyssey Cinema. 30th The Lost Boys, Odyssey Cinema. 31st Beetlejuice, Odyssey Cinema. 31st A Nightmare On Elm Street, Odyssey Cinema.

Birmingham 31st The Cat And The Canary, with live music, Town Hall. 31st Nosferatu, Town Hall. 31st The Exorcist, the Electric Cinema. 31st Ring, the Electric Cinema.

Bristol 31st Frightfest All Nighter: ABCSs Of Death 2, The Pact II, The Editor, Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter, Last Shift, Watershed.

Brynmawr 31st Halloween all-nighter: The Shining, Scream, A Nightmare On Elm Street, The Howling, Night Of The Demon, Market Hall Cinema.

Cardiff 31st Alien and Aliens, the Vue. 31st Motley Movies: Ring, Portland House.

Derby 31st Dead and Breakfast: Hellraiser, Psycho Beach Party, Torso, Wolfcop and An American Werewolf In London.

Dundee 30th Dundead: The Ghost Train,

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