10 Awesome WWE Gimmicks That Were Dropped Way Too Soon

A great gimmick can mean so much to any performer in WWE. For every amazing character that has lasted a long time like The Undertaker or Kane, there’s a long list of terrible ones like Kwang, The Sultan, Aldo Montoya and so many others. If you lined up all the terrible gimmicks in wrestling history it would be a pile that would last miles long.

If a great wrestler is saddled with a terrible gimmick then they will never succeed. Look at Ricky Steamboat as “The Dragon” when he was breathing fire or Steve Austin starting out as The Ringmaster with Ted Dibiase managing him before really breaking out as “Stone Cold” on his own.

There are a lot of characters that appeared to be great and then for whatever reason they were dropped too early. As we know in wrestling, there are always other circumstances. Vince McMahon

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