Blood Glacier (aka The Station) review

Reviewed by Kevin Scott

Blood Glacier (2013)

Written by: Benjamin Hessler

Directed by: Marvin Kren

Cast: Gerhard Liebman (Janek), Edita Malovcic (Tanja), Brigitte Kren (Ministerin Bodicek), Hille Beseler (Birte), Peter Knaack (Falk), Santos (Tinnie), Felix Romer (Harald), Wolfgang Pampel (Bert Kakauer)

I don’t want to lead anyone astray on what this film is about. Just from reading the plot before I watched it, I gathered that it could be labeled as eco horror, which for the most part, I guess it is. Here we go though, putting labels on stuff, when all the old classic throwback horror from the 1950’s of mutated whatevers caused by radiation or some other ecological sin man created was just a scary movie. That’s how I prefer to look at it.

This is an Austrian film, and it takes place at a remote mountain research station in the Swiss Alps. There’s

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