Sliff 2014 Review – Teacher Of The Year

Teacher Of The Year screens as part of the 23rd Annual Whitaker St. Louis International Film Festival on Saturday, November 22 at 8:30 Pm at Landmark’s Tivoli Theatre. Get ticket information here.

Writer/director Jason Strouse’s feature film debut concerning the Us education system may give credence to the old adage that “the inmates are running the asylum”. Truman High School’s a wild place thanks mostly to the oddballs and misfits making up most of the administration and faculty. The main exception being the title mentioned teacher of the year, Mitch Carter (Matt Letscher), who is also the rep for the faculty union. As a documentary crew follows him about, Mitch is at a crossroads. He’s being wooed by a private school lobbying group that’s dangling a big salary in front of him (and he’s got an adorable pre-schooler and a child on the way

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