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Childhood Memories and The End of Saturday Morning Cartoons

2014 marked the end of many traditions that pop culture fans hold dear. One of the most surprising announcements was the official heralding of the death of Saturday morning cartoons. In September, the CW network’s parent company, Warner Bros., officially ended their run of morning long schedules of animated series, and reverted to cheaper educational programming in a time slot that barely filled three hours.

The CW was the last holdout in what was once a large race by television networks for advertisers, toy companies, and food corporations to win over young audiences. Once upon a time before cable television and the Internet every Saturday morning was a feast of animation and occasional live action fare for kids to enjoy.

Back in 1988, I fondly remember waking up very early on a Saturday to watch cartoons, and would officially pack up and prepare for the day the minute twelve drew near

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