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Review: Nowhere In Moravia, Czech Gothic Painted In Bleak Comedy

Czech actor, theatre director and chief of the theatre Dejvické Divadlo, Miroslav Krobot, possessing as diverse acting experience on top of the directing work as playing the lead in Bela Tarr´s The Man from London or having himself rotoscoped for the Alois Nebel graphic novel adaptation, made what seems to be only a natural step into the shoes of a film director. His debut, a bleak comedy Nowhere in Moravia, adheres to the current theme of floppers as a zeitgeist defining topic. And Krobot´s stab on the subject affirms that it is not a sole privilege belonging to young filmmakers by taking viewers for a stroll through an existential wasteland where a tiny population leads their grey lives. Maruna (amusingly laidback Tatiana Vilhelmová) works in a local pub, axis...

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