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Clive Barker: Demon To Some, Angel To Others

We’ve seen the clichés time and time again: flesh-munching zombies, deranged hitchhikers, disturbingly naive teenage babysitters, evil cliques of high school girls, whackos off dirt roads in rural America…. However, there are many movies that thrive upon original ideas and unique plots. One of the most imaginative figures in the realm of contemporary horror is Clive Barker. He has always eschewed formulas and clichés in favor of experimental (and often confusing or deceptive) visual storytelling devices and atmosphere.

Barker first formed a theater in London at age 21 to produce the plays he wrote, all of which were recognized for their horrific but fantastical elements. The profoundly unique and imaginative qualities that composed Barker's work is what led his novels to being adapted into films, which then inspired him to direct his own: enter Hellraiser (1987) . Based on his novella entitled The Hellbound Heart, the movie follows the alternate world of

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