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Are these the silliest I'm a Celebrity spats ever? 10 jungle rumbles

Non-stop flatulence, a dead possum, and being too darn sexy. Are these the most ridiculous I'm a Celebrity fights in the history of the jungle?

After Croc campmates Melanie Sykes and Vicki Michelle bickered over a pencil in last night's show (November 26), we reminisce over some of the silliest spats over the years.

From Brian Harvey's continual wind to Darren Day being too darn sexy - here are 10 absurd jungle rumbles:

1. Darren Day's too sexy for the jungle?

Sizzling sexual chemistry or far too much flatulence? It was almost impossible to keep up with Darren Day and Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's love/hate relationship in the 2002 series.

Palmer-Tomkinson shocked the entire nation as she revealed the root of their tension was all down to Day's unbridled sexiness, shouting: "I'll tell you why I am very uptight. It's because I think you are so f**king sexy."

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