Review: The Homesman Takes Tommy Lee Jones Out To Pasture

Hollywood's most high-falutin' varmint must be Tommy Lee Jones. As difficult and humorless as he's perceived to be (and sometimes said to actually be), he's gone and built a career on imbuing a certain curmudgeonly ease into whatever films he appears in, from Coal Miner's Daughter to Captain America, from Men in Black to Lincoln. This was somehow true even in his younger days, before he started racking up Oscar nominations and securing the occasional director gig. The Homesman is Jones' fourth directorial effort, if you count his two made for TV movies, The Sunset Limited (2011) and The Good Old Boys (1995). Although I can't vouch for those two, his previous theatrical helmer, 2005's The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada, stands as one of the...

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