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Hangar 10 Review

Continuing their recent trend of acquisitions, IFC Midnight has tossed another found footage alien adventure into the ring with Daniel Simpson’s Hangar 10 – a monotonous effort that somehow makes Alien Abduction seem endearing, exciting, and extraterrestrially invigorating. Yet again a filmmaker experiments with shaky camera angles, choppy footage and off-camera action while supposedly creating the next great invasion thriller, dragging audiences down a disenchanted road without a modicum of entertainment in sight. The Vicious brothers recently schooled science fiction buffs with their own invasion flick, Extraterrestrial, yet Daniel Simpson’s film learns nothing from the more jovial genre ploy by revering back to boredom, sluggishness, and inconsequential storytelling that focuses on anything But non-stop action. The thrills fall flat, the scares die quick, and we’re left with a few treasure hunters sporting some nasty, aggravating attitudes, who spend most of their time mesmerized by flashing lights – like moths to a dimly lit,

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