Poker Night Review

As an avid Texas Hold’em player, I’ve honed my ability to read statuesque poker faces concealing the slightest tell (a subconscious sign revealing your rival’s hand). Sure, developing such a sleuthy skill has helped build a nice bankroll for my casino trips, but I’ve also carried this talent over into my film criticism as well. Just because a movie isn’t human doesn’t mean there aren’t tells scattered about the script and screen, as filmmakers unintentionally show their hand long before the cards are flipped. Foreshadowing, heavy-handed-dialogue, condemning red herrings – it’s not that hard to spot a tell.

Squaring off against Greg FrancisPoker Night, I didn’t expect to face an opponent with Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu’s swagger. Establishing itself as a criminal thriller, we meet a police officer named Jeter (Beau Mirchoff) the night he’s abducted by a masked

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