Constantine, Ep. 1.07: “Blessed Are the Damned” wrestles with some big questions

Constantine, Season 1, Episode 7 : “Blessed Are the Damned”

Written by Sneho Koorse

Directed by Nick Gomez

Airs Fridays at 10 pm Et on NBC

So far, the world of Constantine has mostly been filled with frightening demons, cursed objects, and people working under their thrall. “Blessed Are the Damned” looks at the lighter side of the equation, but this episode might be the scariest one yet. Zachary (Patrick Carroll), the pastor of a struggling church, gets healing powers when he is lethally bitten by a rattlesnake while trying one of his father’s old snake-handling routines. This leads to him becoming a popular cult figure. What seems to be yet another exposé about religious fundamentalism becomes an in-depth look at faith, doubt, and free-will, with many trademark John Constantine wisecracks, written by Sneho Koorse and delivered with aplomb by Matt Ryan, in the funniest episode of Constantine so far. After taking last week off,

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