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Chris Rock & 'Top Five' Cast Talk Acting in Movies vs Doing Stand-up, Freedom to Improvise in the Film & More

At a recent New York City press junket, Shadow and Act was present as the cast of "Top Five" spoke about the film, and their experiences with Chris Rock as the writer-director and star of the film. Present were Chris Rock (Writer/Director/ Andre Allen), Rosario Dawson (Chelsea Brown), Ben Vereen (Carl Allen), J.B. Smoove (Silk), Gabrielle Union (Erica Long), Sherri Shepherd (Vanessa). Here are some of the highlights: "Top Five" vs. Chris Rock’s Stand-Up Chris Rock: I made this movie just like my stand-up. I use to have a movie process and a stand-up process. I use to say, these are the jokes for the movie and then I’d have a whole other file for...

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