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Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks | Review

Dance, Fools, Dance: Performances Elevate Seidelman’s Stagnant Adaptation

Marking the fifth film collaboration between director Arthur Allan Seidelman and writer Richard Alfieri is Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, the adaptation of the latter’s Broadway play. It’s garish, highly photo-shopped poster places an uncomfortable and off putting stress on the film’s marketing campaign, which seems to be geared toward senior audiences attracted to headlining screen legend Gena Rowlands. Seidelman surpasses these limiting expectations with a product that ends up being incredibly sweet and surprisingly charming, even though it never transcends its choppy staginess, which is glaringly evident whenever it turns away from the unique energy of its two leads.

Struggling Broadway actor turned dance instructor, Michael Minetti (Cheyenne Jackson) has been forced to relocate to his childhood hometown in Florida. There, he is forced to take a job utilizing the only skills available to him, but

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