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List Of 10 Kung Fu Movies You Need To Have Watched – Part 9

Like millions of you around the world, i love Kung Fu movies. It is the only real genre that keeps me going back for more and that is why i will always love Kung Fu movies.

I know many of you have probably seen many of the movies i will post about, but this is also for anyone new to the genre of Kung Fu and even Swordplay and looking for other movies to enjoy. I hope you enjoy the movies i have listed and please feel free to comment about any of the movies.


Snuff-Bottle Connection (1977)

Studio: Fortuna Film Co

Director: Lau Lap Lap, Richard Tung Chin Hu

Cast: Hwang jang lee, Yip Fei Yang, John Liu, Philip Ko, Hsu Hsia, Yuen Biao

Action Director(s): Yuen Woo Ping


Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog (1978)

Studio: Gar Bo Motion Picture Company

Director: Karl maka

Cast: Sammo hung, lau Kar Wing,

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