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“Nekromantik’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

Some films are created to convey a message. They aren’t made to be loved, and may not actually be that good but they still get a cult following because of what they represent to the audience they are aimed at. Nekromantik is a film that has a certain infamy about it, especially in the United Kingdom as it first made its way into cinemas during the age of the Video Nasty and was never officially released. Attempts to get it into the country could even get you a not so nice letter warning you that you’d been very naughty for even trying to obtain a copy. Now finally released uncut, which is quite a shocking pass by the BBFC, Arrow Video have released it on Blu-ray for all to see.

Nekromantik is the story of Rob Schamdtke (Daktari Lorenz) a cleaner who deals with the aftermath of grisly accidents.

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