The House Of Him review

A masked serial killer preys on women, but there's a twist in the tale in the indie horror, The House Of Him...

A lot has been written about horror films relationship and gender politics. Some of the most iconic moments of the genre involve a damsel in distress meeting her end at the hands of a monstrous male figure. From the gothic romance of Hammer horror to the rollercoaster ride of slasher films to the grimy cellars of torture porn, if you're a woman then you've pretty much had it. One-time Rosanne writer Joss Whedon kickstarted his career by in part turning the whole thing on its head and having a blonde cheerleader become a kick ass heroine. But even recent horror films insist on making women the victim.

Burnistoun writer and performer Robert Florence's debut feature The House Of Him aims to tackle this head on.

Sophie and

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