[Yuletide Terrors] Day 17: Blood Beat

Throughout the month of December, we will be highlighting a film a day that has some tie into the holiday somehow. Some titles will be obvious, others won’t be. Some films will be good and, again, others won’t be. However, we think all titles are worth your time whether to give you chills inside your home or to make you drink more eggnog until you puke laughing.

When Ted (James Fitzgibbons) comes home for Christmas he brings his new girlfriend Sarah (Claudia Peyton) with him. His sister and mom’s boyfriend seem to like her, but his mom (Helen Benton) stops dead in her tracks when they meet. Cathy has a gift, she’s able to read minds. To help control her ability, Cathy spends a lot of time painting. And something about Sarah has given her the chills. Cathy’s reaction has cast a pall on the Yuletide season.

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