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Ricky Tomlinson: ‘I’m a whingeing scouser, and I will whinge until they’re made to pay’

In 1973, Ricky Tomlinson spent Christmas in prison after picketing a strike. More than 40 years later, one of our best-loved actors says that the fight to clear the names of the Shrewsbury 24 faces a final hurdle: government secrecy

It is more than 40 years since Ricky Tomlinson spent Christmas in prison. In December 1973 the actor was a young painter and decorator, married with two small sons, when he was sentenced to two years for his part in picketing a national construction workers’ strike. After more than a year behind bars, much of it in solitary confinement, he walked free – only to find he’d been blacklisted by the building industry and was unemployable.

Whether prison worked for Tomlinson is an interesting question. Unable to get work as a builder, he had a go at standup in the local pubs and clubs instead, landed a bit part in Alan Bleasdale’s Boys from the Blackstuff,

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