Christmas-themed disaster movies to enjoy

If you’re at all in touch with your geek side, you already know about all the great horror movies that are Christmas-themed. Chances are you’ve stumbled across Silent Night, Deadly Night, Black Christmas, or Santa’s Slay. Everybody knows Batman Returns and Die Hard take place around December 25th. However, did you know that several disasters have occurred around the most wonderful time of the year?

Anchor Bay Entertainment and the SyFy Channel spent the past few years reminding us that even the holidays aren’t safe from catastrophic events which could bring about the end of the world. Disaster-oriented Christmas movies were becoming an annual tradition up until 2013. The two media giants banned together for three straight years to bring us a trilogy of B-movie entertainment that I think it’s high time they continue.

Ice Quake was the first of these Yuletide disaster films to hit

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