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'Independence Day 2': Is Randy Quaid Set to Return?

'Independence Day 2': Is Randy Quaid Set to Return?

While no official cast members have been announced for Independence Day 2, which 20th Century Fox is releasing June 2016, director Roland Emmerich is teasing one heck of a surprise return. Yes, judging from his latest Tweet, Randy Quaid may be back as kamikaze pilot Russell Casse. But this seems improbably for a couple of different reasons.

Russell Casse is a fan favorite Independence Day character known for his surprise assault on the alien mothership. He blows the giant, deadly craft out of the sky by ramming his plane up inside of it, supposedly killing himself in the process. Does this Tweet indicate that Casse survived the attack against the invading extraterrestrial forces?

While its possibly that Casse either survived off screen, with that reveal to come in the sequel, or the aliens somehow brought him back to life, there is another reason to cast a huge shadow of doubt on Randy Quaid

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