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GeekTyrant's 14 Most Popular Posts of 2014

At GeekTyrant there are no writing assignments. Everything written was picked by the person who wrote it. We never talk about what posts could generate more traffic. Writers/Editors only post things we think are cool, which is why it seems like we think that "everything is awesome." Guiding all this curated love are GeekTyrant's core guiding principles (which you should read if you aren't familiar). Those values inform how we word titles, the images we use for social and thumbnails, what widgets we'll place on the site, and even the color of links.

2015 is going to be a big year for GeekTyrant, with an increased focus on original content and original videos. It's taken us a longtime to be able to have a staff large enough to be able to cover the news and have the time to create unique stuff. Some of these original posts take days or

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