Acorn January DVD Releases: Lovejoy Returns

The lovable East Anglian rogue returns for another go-around in Acorn Media’s latest DVD release: Lovejoy series 4. Starring Deadwood’s Ian McShane, the series is centered around a slippery antiques dealer who occupies a moral grey zone and struggles to stay on the right side of the law.

As ever, Lovejoy is closely followed by his loyal sidekicks: the dim-witted Eric, and the “barker” Tinker Dill. Also returning this series is Lovejoy’s nemesis, Charlie Gimbert (Malcolm Tierney). Gimbert is to Lovejoy as that French chap was to Indiana Jones. Let’s just say that when grown men are fighting over antiques, there’s no such such thing as foul play!

The artefacts in this show are rather more exciting than the knick-knacks people wheel out at the Antiques Roadshow. In season 4, Lovejoy gets his hands on a commode that reportedly once belonged to Napoleon. He discovers a Billiards

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