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Jews in the News: ‘Above and Beyond’

I imagine this will get much more press than this, and I cannot understand why it has not received it as of this date. Opening theatrically January 30 in the Village East Cinema in New York, Roberta Grossman's "Above and Beyond," which International Film Circuit will distribute, is notably produced by Nancy Spielberg, the sister of Steven. This “untold true story” of a group of Jewish American pilots who in secret and at great personal risk smuggled planes out of the U.S. and flew them of Israel in its 1948 War of Independence was directed by.

Nancy Grossman who also directed and produced "Hava Nagila: The Movie" which played so well with the Jewish audiences in the art house theaters in 2012.

“Above and Beyond” has played in the Jerusalem Film Festival, Doc NY, and 25 other Jewish film festivals and continues to play them.

This ragtag band of soldiers not only turned the tide of the war; they also embarked on personal journeys of discovery and renewed Jewish pride. Through interviews with the pilots and stunning aerial footage “Above and Beyond" presents a fascinating, little-known tale filled with heart, heroism and high-flying chutzpah. Check it out online at and at an art house near you!

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