Sundance 2015 Interview: Bruce McDonald, Chloe Rose, and Robert Patrick on Hellions' Bad Moon Rising

Bruce McDonald is the last filmmaker one can accuse of repeating himself. For the past 20+ years since his Sundance debut, Highway 61, the renegade cowboy director has stayed busy and thoroughly fresh with each new contribution to the Canadian cinematic landscape. Though Bruce has dabbled in many genres, he continuously proves himself as an enemy of the generic with singular visions, united in their abilities to transcend tropes and expectation.Hellions marks McDonald's second entry since his slow-burner, Pontypool, in the genre popularly referred to as horror. But just one look at Hellions' Infrared images is enough to clarify that, at 55 years old, Bruce is as uninterested as ever in playing it safe. Just ask his wife, who, upon hearing of his new foray...

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