Exclusive: Actress Mindy Robinson talks horror, whiskey, two stepping, My Little Pony and more

By Jonathan Weichsel

I recently got to ask a few question to actress Mindy Robinson about her career and craft. Robinson currently has a ton of movies available to rent, including Chicks Dig Gay Guys, The Coed and the Zombie Stoner, Alpha House, Club Lingerie, After School Massacre and Abstraction. Also keep an eye out for The Green Fairy coming soon.

For a complete list of credits and appearances visit Robinson's official IMDb: Mindy Robinson.

Read the entire interview with this exciting indie talent below:

Jw: You have a wide range of credits, from horror, to comedy, to reality TV. What is your favorite genre to work in? Do you take a different approach to different genres?

Mr: Comedy comes pretty naturally to me. I only feel like I'm acting when I have to be super serious because that's just not how I normally am.

Jw: How is

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