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Ghostly Hauntings Take Place in this Trailer for The Tragedy

The Tragedy is a haunted house thriller. The film deals with a family moving into a new home, where spirits still dwell. To be released internationally, The Tragedy's first trailer was released earlier in the month and it can be found here. As well, the film stars Wilma Elles and Lucia Oskerova. A preview for the film's release is found below. For more on the story, 70 years ago, a family disaster occurred. That tragedy repeats into the present. And, a new family is tormented by spirits, who lost their lives several years ago. This title was developed by Silver Spear Productions. This film company focuses more on art house pictures as seen in The Tragedy's trailer. The clip shows quick shots of the interior settings and a few exterior ones. The focus of the clip is on visual appeal and possible shock value. The clip is available below.

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