DVD Review – Chastity Bites (2013)

Chastity Bites, 2013.

Directed by John V. Knowles.

Starring Allison Scagliotti, Louise Griffiths, Amy Okuda, Francia Raisa and Eduardo Rioseco.


Notorious serial killer Elizabeth Bathory believed that bathing in virgin blood would keep her young and beautiful forever. Still alive today she’s found a perfect hunting ground for her “botox” as an abstinence educator in conservative America…but will a brave young blogger and reporter for the high school paper finally put an end to the “Blood Countess’s” reign of terror, and save her best friend from becoming the next victim?

This Means Girls-like comedy slasher/horror isn’t what you’re expecting from the box art. From the cover you’d probably expect this to be a Teen Vampire Horror in micro tartan skirts, which it really isn’t. It’s odd as the poster artwork elsewhere on the web clearly shows that this is a slasher

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