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Hibernation: Watch Jon Mikel Caballero's Award Winning Short

Now that it's festival run is over, Spanish filmmaker Jon Mikel Caballero wants to share his award-winning short film, Hibernation, with you. It is an emotionally driven work of sci-fi with a bittersweet ending. The visual style is reminiscent of sci-fi films from the 60s and 70s.  You can watch the full short below. Joseph is an astronaut set to go where no man has gone in the Universe through the hibernation program. But something is wrong between him and his instructor Claire, and decisions that seemed unshakeable begin to tremble.Some folks who worked on TwitchFilm faves lent their skills to this projects. Eugenio Mira, director of Grand Piano and Agnosia composed the score for the short and Sergio G. Sánchez, writer of The Orphanage, was...

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