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Nick Helm interview: 'Uncle would have been different on Channel 4'

After originally being commissioned as a pilot by Channel 4 in 2012, Uncle could have slipped into the ether never to be seen again.

Thankfully, the show was picked up for a full series by BBC Three in 2013 - and immediately became a hit.

Two years on and the show is back for a second series, again starring Nick Helm as Uncle Andy and Elliot Speller-Gillott as his nephew Errol.

Digital Spy spoke to Nick about its return - and why there's a lot of s**t on telly...

What reaction to Uncle were you expecting after the first series aired?

"I worked really hard, I really enjoyed making the first series and I was really proud of it. But you just don't know. It takes just as much work to make something that's awful as it does to make something that's good.

"Every time you watch something that's terrible or

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