Kruel Offers Eskimo Pies and Bloody Murder: A Preview

Tagline: "Beware of those You Trust." Kruel is an indie horror and thriller title from director Robert Henderson. The film deals with a psychotic ice-cream man and disappearing victims. Also, this title is being repped by Maxim Media Marketing, for a future release. Kruel stars Kierney Nelson, Dakota Morrissiey and Adam Vernier. A preview of the film's release is hosted here. Jo O'Hare (Nelson) tells paranoid stories of a sadistic ice-cream man. Her stories become more credible as neighbours begin to disappear. Now, Jo is being targeted by this serial killer. And, this killer will not stop, until everyone is chilled to the bone. A trailer for Kruel was released late in 2014. The clip shows Jo and the killer antagonizing each other. As well, a movie poster has recently been revealed for the film. The graphic shows the center of all of the murder, an innocuous looking ice-cream salesman. A

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