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CinemaSins Co-Creator Writes Book, Reaches Top Ten On Amazon Best-Seller List

Jeremy Scott has developed a strong following thanks to his snarky takedowns of major motion pictures. Now, Scott has converted his fans to his literary efforts. He wrote a fantasy novel called The Ables, and as soon as it became available for pre-order on Amazon, it skyrocketed into the top ten on the site's list of best-sellers.

Scott made a name for himself thanks to his keen ability to spot continuity errors, plot holes, and logic gaps in well-known films, but his novel doesn't center around movies at all. Instead, The Ables follows a young protagonist named Phillip, who learns that he has telekinetic powers. Unfortunately, he has a disability that makes it hard for him to use his power: he's blind. In a YouTube video, Scott explains he wrote The Ables to "examine what life might be like right there in the middle, between being a full-on superhero and a regular old human.

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