Bruce Jenner Car Crash: Who's Really at Fault?

Bruce Jenner Car Crash: Who's Really at Fault?

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority has handed over video of the fatal crash involving Bruce Jenner to investigators, Et has confirmed. Can the footage provide clues as to who was really at fault?

News: Bruce Jenner Involved in Fatal Crash, Uninjured

"If ultimately the facts show that [Jenner's] only wrong doing was following a vehicle too close, that's still against the law, and that could still be charged as both a misdemeanor or a felony depending what [Jenner's] speed was, how long [Jenner] was following that vehicle and what [Jenner's] overall driving pattern was," said criminal defense attorney David D. Diamond, who has no association with the case.

The video was taken from the surveillance camera of a mass transit bus that was in the area. In addition to the surveillance video, there is also an animated video posted on YouTube that allegedly re-created the accident. Diamond says the video could stir up more questions than answers.

"This video could

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