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Rvcq 2015: ‘Miraculum’ feels like a failed pilot


Written by Gabriel Sabourin

Directed by Daniel Grou

Canada, 2014

Daniel Grou (affectionately known as Podz by the Quebec public) got his start in television, directing a number of very successful shows for Radio-Canada, the national channel. In 2010 he made his cinematic debut with two films and has since been working exclusively for the big screen. His most recent film, Miraculum, finds it’s aesthetic routes in television though, often feeling more like a creaky pilot than a full fledged film. While Podz and his actors give it their all in this film, they are let down by the script which is trite, obvious and poorly constructed.

Films about intersecting fates rarely gel very well. For every Magnolia (which is flawed, but doesn’t collapse under the weight of it’s own hubris) there are dozens of copycat films that are varying degrees of unbearable. The narrative just never comes together,

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